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Buffy Sword of Angelus
Buffy Sword of Angelus

In the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a single moment of true happiness undoes Angel’s curse, depriving him of his soul and unleashing Angelus on Buffy and her friends. But Angelus’ ambitions extend far beyond torturing his former love; in fact, by awaking an ancient demon Acathla, he means to end the world, and send every living creature into hell. As Buffy engages Angelus in an epic swordfight, Willow attempts a spell to restore the vampire’s soul. Willow’s spell is successful, and Angel is returned, but unfortunately Acathla has already begun to stir. Knowing that Angel’s blood is the only thing that can save the world, Buffy tells him to close his eyes, kisses him tenderly, and then drives the sword through his heart, closing the swirling vortex, and sending him into hell. Now, you can relive one of the most dramatic and heartbreaking moments in the show’s seven year run with this stunningly accurate reproduction of the sword Buffy used to kill Angel – The Sword of Angelus. Using the actual prop from the episode, “Becoming, Part 2†as reference, Factory X has created a precise replica of the sword use on the show. Sure to be a must-have for sword collectors and Buffy enthusiasts alike, the Sword of Angelus is made from the highest quality materials – from the stainless steel blade to the leather grip and gold plated hilt to the custom wall plaque. Overall Length: 36" Blade Length: 28"

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Buffy Sword of Angelus 
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